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Sarah Palin’s Terrible Energy Plan


The lead story in the April edition of Heartland’s Environment & Climate News is an article titled “Palin Energy Plan Receives High Praise.” It begins like this:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) has announced an ambitious plan to produce half of the state’s electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

Palin’s plan, which empowers local municipalities to identify and develop the most cost-efficient renewable power sources available to them, won immediate praise from environmental groups, consumer groups, and industry. 

The lead tells us much of what we need to know. Sentence number one tells us that the plan is unlikely to be anything worth applauding if you are skeptical about government attempts to run the economy. Sentence number two notes all of the praise that has followed the release of the plan . . . none of which (thankfully) seems to be coming from conservatives. Heartland, however, seems to be all for it; no discouraging words are found anywhere in their article.

That curious Heartland piece prompted me to dig into the Palin plan a bit and — what do you know — it is every bit as bad as I suspected. In short, this is exhibit B in my case that Republicans are just as bad as Democrats when it comes to energy policy (exhibit A can be found in GOP energy policy in the once-great state of Texas). I take it apart over at the Master Resource energy blog.


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