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Senator Ridge? Not Last Week, Anyway.


In a little-noticed interview with the Harvard Crimson last week, former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge (R) said he had no intention of running for the Senate.

THC: Do you foresee the possibility of ever running for the United States Senate?

TR: No.

THC: Do you have any further political aspirations?

TR: I would like to help the Republican Party find its voice. People are worried about our messengers, but before we have a messenger we better figure out what our message is. I would [also] like to work with men and women on both sides of the aisle who bring a respect and civility to political discourse that I think we’ve abandoned. There are so many issues out there that are controversial and neither party has been willing to invest the political capital to solve them. I’d like to see us try to do it in a bipartisan way.

Of course, that was before Arlen Specter switched parties.


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