Re: Presidential Respect

by Steven F. Hayward

Well, Jay, you’ll be happy to know there was one president who didn’t campaign for Specter. I’m sure you can guess. He’s the guy who wrote in his diaries, after Specter voted (along with GOP lib Mac Mathias) against a certain nominee for the Justice Department: “Well, there are two senators I won’t have to help campaign.” (The nominee was Brad Reynolds, nixed for the number three spot at Justice in 1985.)

And in 1987, after Specter’s vote against Bork in 1987, Reagan wrote: “Sen. Specter has 2 candidates for Fed. judgeships — after his performance I’ll not reward him for his no vote on Bork.”

Specter’s most preposterous claim is that he was a “Reagan Republican.” He usually sided with the Democrats in blocking key initiatives, and not just appointees. Reagan notes this in his diary several places.

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