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Toy Guns


Mrs. Dunphy and I were watching the news last night when the report came that a sheriff’s deputy had shot and wounded a 15-year-old boy in Palmdale, a suburb in northern Los Angeles County. The boy had been wielding a toy gun while riding a bicycle and playing “cops and robbers.”

It took me a bit longer than usual to fall asleep last night as I recalled an incident from early in my police career, one in which I came within a split second of shooting a boy with a toy gun. I discussed it here, in one of my first columns writing for NRO.

The boy in Palmdale is expected to fully recover, and though it may sound odd, my guess is that he’ll recover much more quickly than the deputy will.

Jack Dunphy is an officer in the Los Angeles Police Department. “Jack Dunphy” is the author’s nom de cyber. The opinions expressed are his own and almost certainly do not reflect those of the LAPD management.


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