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Just Give Them Soup


The New York Times has a suggestion for local governments struggling with the burdens of illegal aliens: just give them soup. Here is what Times editorial observer Lawrence Downes recommends that Long Island governments do about the illegal alien day laborers who continue to hang out on local street corners: “help the men to organize themselves . . . run hiring sites across the Island . . . give the men soup . . . abandon reflexive hostility to day laborers as the equivalent of a pest-control problem.”

The Times has moved so far beyond such antiquated ideas as national sovereignty, border security, and the rule of law that Downes manages to write his entire column on illegal-alien day laborers without once mentioning that they are illegal. Instead, they are merely victims of heartless American homeowners, employers, and taxpayers: “The men have no safety net: no unemployment insurance, no food stamps.” Might that be because they chose to enter the country illegally? Not in Downes’s world, apparently.

Downes has nothing but contempt for local police that cooperate with the federal immigration authorities. Yet he lets slip the fact that Long Island’s Suffolk County is cracking down on gangs and drugs — a relevant piece of information in a column about illegal aliens only if drug dealers and illegal aliens overlap, which they do. Cops see that overlap every day, which is why they are eager to use immigration laws to get gangbangers off the streets; it’s only their chiefs who cave in to pressure from the illegal-alien lobby and forbid the use of immigration laws in anti-crime enforcement.

The one sound idea to come out of Downes’s column is repatriating illegals to their native countries. As for the “hiring sites” that Downes thinks counties should “run  . . . across the Island,” Huntington Town already sponsors one. The illegals don’t use it.