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Employee Free Choice Act


Sen. John Ensign (R, Nev.) spoke in a conference call today with bloggers and reporters about the status of EFCA in the Senate, particularly the mandatory binding arbitration provision to which Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D, Ark.) recently objected. He said he was unaware of any negotiations in the Senate to water down that provision — to adopt some kind of arbitration (a few possibilities here) supposedly less threatening to business, for example — in an effort to pass a version of the bill and keep organized labor happy.

“The mandatory binding arbitration is going to dramatically drive up the cost of labor in the United States and make us less competitive,” said Ensign. He added, though, that the public education campaign against EFCA has been successful in raising awareness.

“So far, we’ve been very effective,” he said. Speaking of a recent trip to Silicon Valley, he said that businesses and workers there “understand the implications now. If the Employee Free Choice Act becomes law, you’re looking at massive job losses in the tech industry because so many of those jobs are so easy to move overseas.”