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The Right Way to Win Against Terrorists


Sri Lankan authorities report that they have killed Tamil Tiger terror group leader Vellipulai Prabhakaran, a satisfactory end to the 26-year reign of terror he waged in Sri Lanka. Other LTTE leaders were said to have committed suicide in their bunkers as government forces closed in, shades of Berlin 1945.

This win came with no thanks to the United States. As the end-game developed and the Tigers were finally cornered in northeast Sri Lanka, the State Department tried its best to broker a ceasefire to let the terrorists off the hook. Thankfully, the Sri Lankan government ignored pleas from western governments with no skin in the game and pushed ahead for total victory. Sri Lanka proved that insurgents can be beaten. Contrast that to Nepal, where a negotiated peace has led to a crisis that may bring about a Maoist revolution from within. Both situations provide lessons for Afghanistan and Pakistan, if we are willing to learn them.