Obama vs. Cheney

by Dana M. Perino

The media seem so desperate for a fight that they’ve failed in almost every case to point out that Vice President Cheney’s AEI speech was scheduled weeks ago. I’m not suggesting the White House needs to check all of the think tanks in town before scheduling a speech, but this notion that the vice president was trying to set up a fight with President Obama on this exact day is nonsense. But it sells papers . . . well, they can hope it sells papers.

The president says that we lost our way in the war on terror. I disagree. We didn’t lose our way — we set up a structure to win. 

I wish the Democrats would put half as much energy into fighting terrorists as they do in fighting Dick Cheney.

I also saw that the White House floated the idea of defending preemption today. Pause a moment to think about that. But I’m sure the New York Times editorial board will praise it as a tough decision by a fantastic commander-in-chief.

Once today’s fake duel is over, let’s hope we get back to some sanity in this discussion. 

Meanwhile, the terrorists are still at work. 

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