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The Privileged Resolution


Here is the core of the resolution that Republicans will present today on the House floor pertaining to a bipartisan investigation of the truthfulness of the CIA

Resolved, That—(1) a Select Subcommittee of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence shall be established to review and verify the accuracy of the Speaker’s aforementioned public statements;
(2) the Select Subcommittee shall be comprised of four members of the full committee, two appointed by the chairman of the committee and two by its ranking minority member;
(3) The subcommittee shall have the same powers to obtain testimony and documents pursuant to subpoena authorized under clause 2(m) of Rule XI of the Rules of the House; and,(4) the Select Subcommittee report its findings and recommendations to the House not later than sixty calendar days after adoption of this resolution.

Update: The measure failed along party lines in this vote. (Note that a “no” vote is effectively a vote in favor of the investigation.)