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Maybe It Runs in the Family


Stray: I was surprised to find myself thinking that the fantastically articulate, grounded, smart, and fierce Liz Cheney looks oddly like . . . a younger,  Barbara Streisand. 

Not stray: Liz Cheney, who has become a fixture on the talk shows lately, as the best explicator of her father’s positions and actions, is the first prez/veep daughter we have seen truly come into her own. Sons are a dime a dozen. We’ve been hearing predictions about daughters since Julie Nixon. As with the recent Caroline Kennedy Senate fiasco, they’ve never yet panned out. Liz, the less visible offspring of a vice president, who held substantive, not decorative, foreign-policy posts, is a more compelling speaker than any of top tier of governors and senators frequently mentioned for higher office. Not having to stand for election sure frees people from suck-up rhetoric and namby-pamby caution. Or maybe it runs in her family.


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