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Unarmed in Yosemite


Fair point, Ramesh, and most generously put.  The ever-amazing Wiki reports 107 bear mauling deaths in all of the U.S.A. and Canada from 1900 to 2003, though the number could be much higher due to poor record-keeping in earlier years. 

Obviously, one death by bear is too many, but I can’t judge whether 107 is a high or low number.  So are people who go unarmed to national parks foolish?  That’s certainly not what we have been led to believe, but perhaps we’ve had the bear rug pulled over our eyes by the anti-gun lobby. 

In any case, loosening up credit even further for risky borrowers remains an insane, pandering policy that is hardly mitigated by an expansion (or restoration, as many will claim) of gun rights into the parks.  


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