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On Sanford


Even after a hard day of canoeing down the Dordogne river in southwest France, I felt the need to comment on a few of the more pressing stories of the day. I agree entirely with Mark Steyn about Mark Sanford. Last week I believed that he could tough it out by just moving forward and continuing the good fight. After his most recent public wallow, he’s toast.

Toughing it out requires ceasing the whinging, adolescent babbling about your stupid, trite reasons for straying, and your sense that your personal adulterous relationship is deeper and more wondrous than everyone else’s dumb affair. You know what we call men who have dumb affairs and keep their mouths shut? Husbands. Occasionally, presidents. Hard to see how a wife with any self-respect could tolerate hearing the guy she’s trying to forgive and reconcile with refer to the other woman as his soulmate — on the record, and in public. There are limits to what marriage therapy can do when someone doesn’t want to be there. Ditto being politically sound. You can have great ideas and be such a head case — in this case, such an egotist — that voters can’t pull the lever. We’re there. And I bet that Sanford — unlike Newt, Giuliani, Clinton, etc. – isn’t unhappy with that resolution. Mark Sanford doesn’t want to be president.