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NYT Magazine, California, and Proposition 8


The New York Times Magazine yesterday ran an interesting profile of the current governor and the gubernatorial hopefuls in California with particular emphasis on San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom. Amidst the heavy doses of silliness and solipsism inherent in such a subject, including some amateur(ish) theological musings from Mr. Newsom, there was an interesting exchange about Proposition 8.

The mayor had sparked the battle over marriage in California by giving out marriage licenses to same-sex couples (in defiance of current law), then having the city sue to impose same-sex marriage on the state. An effective campaign in favor of Proposition 8 showed the mayor boasting that same-sex marriage would be imposed on the nation “whether you like it or not.” Unfortunately, the article suggests that the only thing the mayor learned from the debacle is not to say what he thinks so openly.


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