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Today in Iran


This is the tenth anniversary of the massacre of Iranian students. The opposition has called for monster demonstrations all over the country, and significant numbers are gathering in public squares. As of eleven o’clock Eastern Time, there were reports of clashes in most of the major cities. So far, the regime forces have been using tear gas, for which the demonstrators were prepared. Chants of “Death to the Dictator!” and “Death to the Regime!” abound.

The main activities by the demonstrators are supposed to take place in an hour or two, and I will be updating as best I can at my blog.

Meanwhile, the appeasement of the mullahs by the Obama administration continues apace. We have just turned over the “Irbil Five,” top Revolutionary Guards officers captured by American forces in Iraq two years ago, to the Iraqi Government in order for them to be flown back in triumph to Tehran. Ugh. More later.


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