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From the Subway to the Station Wagon


Just in from Seth Leibsohn, a fellow at the Claremont Institute, the producer of Bill Bennett’s radio show, and a fomer student of this week’s guest on Uncommon Knowledge, the great political philosopher Harry Jaffa:

that story you just retold [about how Leo Strauss used to go right on lecturing his students, including Harry Jaffa, all the way from Strauss’s office at the New School to the subway station] was an exact 
memory for me.  exactly how a lecture from jaffa was for me–and i’m
 sure so many of his students, but instead of a train it was his
 station wagon.  you’d go into his office [at Claremont McKenna] to ask a discrete question and three hours later you wonder why you 
asked the first question which was so inconsequential in retrospect.
 great stuff.


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