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Miguel Estrada on Delivering a Message to Honduras


A follow-up to Andrew’s post

Leading D.C. lawyer (and Honduras native) Miguel Estrada, who has explained in detail that the ouster of former Honduran president Manuel Zelaya was lawful, has e-mailed me his thoughts on the State Department’s revocation of the visas of Honduran government officials, including the judge who signed the order for Zelaya’s arrest. With his permission, I pass them along here:

Yes, obviously the way to stand up for the rule of law is to punish the judge who signed the arrest warrant—before the supposed coup—by revoking his visa. Because, you know, we as a country must think it a terrible thing when judges enforce the law against the executive branch. (If only Jefferson had thought of this!) And punish the members of the country’s congress, too, while you are at it, even though no one could reasonably dispute their democratic credentials. This is the same Congress that was elected before the “coup.” This petty retaliation is as shameful as it is pointless.