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Top Afghan Commander to Ask for Even More Troops


The question is, will he get a “chilly” reception from the White House?  The Washington Post reports he will.

Reminds me of 2007. President Bush appoints General Petraeus, Petraeus asks for more troops and implements new strategy. Casualties rise, but strategy shows promise. Entire approach requires resolve from the White House, as war grows more unpopular. Bush sides with commanders and holds his ground.

Today: Obama appoints General McChrystal, and McChrystal appears ready to ask for even more troops, as well as the chance to change strategy. Casualties will rise and the outcome will remain in question for the near term. The war is growing more unpopular, and will require political resolve to complete properly.

One big question: Will Obama listen to his commanders on the ground?

If his statements from 2007 are a guide, we’re in trouble. But it’s a whole different picture when you’re the commander-in-chief.

Hopefully he will stand by his top man in Afghanistan.


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