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Washington State Judge Allows Petition Signers to Maintain Privacy for Now


This last session, the Washington State legislature created a kind of quasi-marriage status for same-sex couples. Pro-family groups have gathered signatures in support of a referendum on this law and turned in the signatures for certification last Saturday. Fearing harassment and intimidation of those who signed the petition (a reasonable concern, given the treatment of many who donated to Proposition 8 in California) an excellent election attorney, James Bopp Jr., sought an injunction in federal court to prevent the release of names and contact information of the signers of the Washington referendum petition.

Yesterday a judge granted a temporary injunction. The injunction will expire in early September.

It has become a common practice for gay-rights activists to set up websites “exposing” those who sign petitions or who donate to campaigns that would prevent marriage redefinition or similar legal changes. So, this Washington case is the latest skirmish in a battle to establish whether activists have a right to intimidate those with whom they disagree on gay-rights questions.