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More on Alleged Kidnapping . . .


An Iraqi Kurd — whom I do not know — writes in with a translation from Hawlati:

Hawlati, 31 July 2009: A well-informed source told Hawlati, 4 US citizens were kidnapped yesterday, Thursday by unknown people. Local officials and police authorities did not want to comment. The source told Hawlati website, the 4 US citizens were kidnapped by unknown people. No party or group has yet claimed responsibility.

The source added, search is underway to find the kidnapped Americans, the incident is kept confidential.  According to information obtained by Hawlati, the situtaion in the area [Ahmadawa] was tense and US helicopters flew over the region today.

Hawlati tried to to contact security authroities to get more information, no one was willing to speak about the incident.

I have not seen the original article and so cannot vouch for the translation, but it’s worth keeping an eye on, as this would certainly constitute a test for President Obama.


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