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Obamacare for Acorn


From John Rosenberg (Via Mickey):

A few days ago, noting some of the provisions in one of the pending health care bills, I asked, Is Your Health Care Culturally Incompetent?.

Now, looking at the 1018 page bill just passed by the House Energy and Commerce Committee on a 31-28 vote, I have one question: Was it written by anthropologists?

I ask this because of the bill’s pervasive concern with “culturally and linguistically appropriate services” (page 91), “EFFECTIVE CULTURALLY AND LINGUISTICALLY APPROPRIATE COMMUNICATION” (page 106), “DEMONSTRATION TO PROMOTE ACCESS FOR MEDICARE BENEFICIARIES WITH LIMITED ENGLISH PROFICIENCY BY PROVIDING REIMBURSEMENT FOR CULTURALLY AND LINGUISTICALLY APPROPRIATE SERVICES,” (page 405), concern with “the effect of delivering culturally and linguistically appropriate services on beneficiary access to care, utilization of services, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of health care delivery, patient satisfaction, and select health outcomes” (page 415), with the “COORDINATION OF DIVERSITY AND CULTURAL COMPETENCY PROGRAMS” (page 914), with “CULTURAL AND LINGUISTIC COMPETENCY TRAINING FOR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS” (page 915).

Pausing for a moment on this coordination of diversity and cultural competency programs, be reassured that in giving grants to meet this goal,

the Secretary shall give preference to entities that have a demonstrated record of the following:

(1) Addressing, or partnering with an entity with experience addressing, the cultural and linguistic competency needs of the population to be served through the grant or contract….

Can anyone say, “ACORN Enrichment Provision”? There are several of these.

Mickey adds:

That’s in the version of the bill that Rep. Woolsey says she won’t vote for because it’s not liberal enough. Where are the Blue Dogs when you need them? … P.S.: Was the big, program-establishing New Deal and Medicare legislation festooned with these little Dem interest group time bombs? If not, that may be why it got passed.** …

** Admittedly, it was a big liberal time bomb in the New Deal legislation, allowing cash payments to children in families with an “absent” breadwinner, that eventually produced the welfare explosion of the 1960s. …


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