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The Role of Jefferson


My old friend and youtube megastar Daniel Hannan MEP has been in D.C. the past few days and in the course of being here has delivered several splendid speeches warning Americans not to forget their rights and traditions the way Britain has. You can see one of them — his address to the Heritage Foundation — here. In the course of these speeches he regularly referred to the Jeffersonian ideal. This drew a thoughtful correction from my colleague Myron Ebell, which Daniel has reproduced at his Telegraph blog (and Daniel’s perspicacity can be seen in his descriptions of both Myron and CEI, if I say so myself). Myron argues forcefully that Daniel should drop the references to Jefferson and promote John Adams instead. I’m less condemnatory of Jefferson than Myron is (I agree with Adams himself, for instance, that Jefferson was good for the navy), but am inclined to agree with him for the most part. I’m sure Daniel would be interested to hear the views of the Corner’s historical experts. Can a consistent conservative still laud Thomas Jefferson?


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