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Re: True Lies


Jonah, that Salon story is really unpersuasive.

Even an AP story that Matt Drudge was hyping on Wednesday as proof that the government would be funding abortions didn’t go quite that far — instead, the story detailed a fight over whether women who buy government-subsidized private insurance through a proposed exchange system should be able to have abortions covered by their plans. Pro-choice lawmakers are trying to craft a compromise that would require insurance companies to pay for abortions out of premiums paid by patients, not out of tax dollars. Pro-choice Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif., amended the House version of the legislation to state that abortion is not part of an ‘essential benefits package’ that all insurance plans must provide — meaning someone could offer a special ‘pro-life health insurance’ plan that doesn’t cover abortions, even under the reforms.

The first and third sentences suggest that you wouldn’t be funding abortion as a taxpayer — you’d just be funding a plan that funds abortion. Very reassuring. The second sentence, meanwhile, seems compatible with a lot of gamesmanship that would reach the same result.


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