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Kinsley’s Phony Lack of Self-Awareness


In brief response to Ramesh’s question occasioned by the ending of my previous post: It simply is impossible that Kinsley does not understand the direct link between the growth of government and the growth of big-money lobbying. That he has been for decades a prominent proponent of the former implies that he accepts the latter as a necessary evil; for him now to express dismay at Ms. Wexler’s career choice in favor of the Big Bucks rather than idealism is preposterous. And as an aside, would Kinsley have offered this posthumous criticism of Wexler’s career had her political/policy instincts been conservative or libertarian? I rather doubt it. Kinsley knows full well that his (and others’) advocacy of big government has made big-league lobbying the lucrative enterprise that it is, and for him now to express sadness at the choice of many not to pursue idealism is, in a word, phony.

Benjamin Zycher is a senior fellow at the Pacific Research Institute.


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