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Re: Hawking and the NHS


I’ve had my backside fact-checked by my wife! Over at her blog, Shout First, Ask Questions Later, she adds an important coda to my last post on this subject:

All respect to my husband but what he neglected to mention regarding his friend’s child was that the baby was found to be in the breech position and the NHS doctor went ahead with a vaginal birth, causing the infant to suffer the lack of oxygen which lead to her brain being damaged.

I know this because in the times after this tragedy I spoke with this friend quite frequently. When he described the events and I told him that in such situations, US hospitals would do a cesearan rather than continue birthing a breech baby vaginally – he was shocked.

So while my husband is right to defend the extraordinarily rare centers of excellence where the NHS accidentally gets things right, that by no means should be constructed as support for such a healthcare system anywhere. At least as far as I am concerned.

Indeed, I should have mentioned this and I of course agree with her conclusion, don’t I, dear?


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