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LA Times: No Free Health Coverage for Illegal Aliens


The Los Angeles Times argues today against including coverage for illegal aliens in health-care reform. The paper throws its support behind a House bill (H.R. 3200) that bans the use of taxpayer funds to provide illegals with insurance. Both the Times editorial and the House bill are welcome signs that support for immigration rule of law remains a potent force politically.

The Times editorial includes a surprising acknowledgment of reality: that the “prospect of subsidized health benefits would raise the incentive for illegal border crossings.” It is of course de rigueur among open-borders advocates to deny that expectant mothers cross the border illegally to take advantage of birthright citizenship; this shot of realism undercuts that fiction. The Times also acknowledges that “border states [are] struggling to cover the costs that undocumented immigrants impose on hospitals, schools and other public services,” though it adds that per-capita health-care costs are lower for illegals than for citizens — scant comfort to residents of areas where the main users of public health resources are illegal.

The Times ultimately makes a purely political argument against covering illegals: It’s too contentious an issue to risk jeopardizing health reform, the editorial says. But the most important argument against such coverage is that it is neither fair nor consistent with the rule of law.


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