Lawyer Hits Jackpot with Minivan Trade

by Shannen W. Coffin

The news that the billion-dollar jackpot giveaway that was “Cash for Clunkers” is being shut down could not be more welcome. I listened in horror this week as an extraordinarily well-compensated — and I do mean extraordinarily — D.C. lawyer told me of trading in his 12-year-old Chrysler minivan for a new Toyota that got all of two-miles-per-gallon better gas mileage, all with the help of a federal taxpayer subsidy. One can hardly blame those people who took advantage of a federal boondoggle available to all — well, that’s not entirely true, is it? Yet when Congress develops a program that subsidizes the purchase of unneeded and barely more fuel-efficient automobiles by millionaires, all to the tune of several billion dollars that we don’t have, why is it we’re supposed to trust it to takeover national health care?