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‘Some Day, Yale’s Prince will Come’


The latest from Martin Kramer, alleging that the Yale University administration compromised academic freedom for fundraising, here.

The Yale Corporation, according to its website, “is the governing board and policy-making body for Yale University. Compared to the governing boards of other educational institutions, the Yale Corporation is small and plays an unusually active role in University governance.” Yet the corporation’s two journalist members — Fareed Zakaria (CNN) and Margaret Warner (PBS), who is charged with overseeing — have not yet raised the issue publicly or, according to Yale sources, even privately.

Likewise, the Middle East Studies Association’s Committee on Academic Freedom has yet to raise the issue of censorship. That, however, is not surprising. MESA’s Committee on Academic Freedom is somewhat Orwellian. Juan Cole, a member covering North America, repeatedly calls for those with whom he disagrees to be prosecuted. 

And MESA never stepped up when Cambridge University Press censored Alms for Jihad.


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