It Was an August Friday Afternoon, at the Start of Peak Vacation Season

by Andrew C. McCarthy

. . . but John Hinderaker was still on the case at Powerline. Once the Obama family had already skipped town, what better time could there be to, um, leak news of a wee-wee increase in the president’s ten-year deficit projections? 

They will be raised next week, while the prez kicks back on the Vineyard, from an unimaginable $7.1 trillion to an incomprehensible $9 trillion. As The Hill and John point out, this brings the administration’s numbers into line with the CBO forecast. You may recall, since it was less than a month ago, that the Obama administration ripped the CBO for “exaggerating costs and underestimating savings.” (I’m betting they probably underestimated costs and exaggerated savings — and still came up with $2 trillion more in red ink than The One.)

Hey, a little $2 trillion mistake — no big whup, right? No reason not to let this well-oiled machine take over health care, one-sixth of the private economy. After all, look how well-planned cash-for-clunkers was!

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