Book Day Is Here

by Steven F. Hayward

My second and final volume of my Age of Reagan book project hits bookstores officially today. My thanks to John Miller for his nice Between the Covers podcast, and to everyone else in the NRO community who has helped and encouraged me along the way. I’ve done my own very short YouTube celebration and brief explanation of the book, which you can view here.  

I’m scheduled to be on Morning Joe on MSNBC tomorrow morning at 7:45 Eastern, but I’ve been moved once already so this might yet change again. Bill Bennett will have me on for a full hour on his radio show Thursday morning at 7 a.m. Eastern time, and for you D.C.-area folks, the Cato Institute is having a book panel for me at noon Thursday, with responses from Bill Niskanen (chairman of Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers) and James Mann of SAIS, whose own recent book on Reagan makes some provocative arguments.

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