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The Perfect Job for Vice President Biden


According to a Missouri television station’s website

[The Missouri Department of Transportation] is under investigation in connection to it’s [sic] spending of federal stimulus dollars.

The NAACP claims only 1% of federal stimulus money was given to minority-owned construction firms in Missouri.  However, women-owned contracting companies received 8% of the money. The NAACP asked the Vice President Joe Biden’s office to look into the relatively large difference in these numbers.

Biden, who was in charge of dispersing the stimulus money, sent the issue on to the Office of Inspector General.

This sort of thing should keep the Vice President and the Office of Inspector General quite busy. What with so many hyphenated Americans, not to mention five genders, it can be very tricky to make sure that each group gets its fair share, and there can be plenty of squabbling if the pie isn’t divided just right.

California’s Department of Transportation, for example, recently decided that Latino-owned companies are no longer entitled to preferential treatment — that is, they should start getting discriminated against — since they are already getting at least their share of the contracting; not so yet for African and Native Americans, however; for Asians, it depends on exactly where in Asia your ancestors came from (“Asian-Pacific Americans” get discrimination in their favor; “Subcontinent Asian Americans” get discriminated against).

Of course, Vice President Biden could just recommend that contracts be awarded to the lowest bidder, without regard to race, ethnicity, or sex. But somehow I doubt that this will be his recommendation.