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The Washington Post and Virginia Politics


The Post’s coverage of Robert McDonnell’s 1989 thesis — which is getting excessive — is reminding some conservatives of the Post’s coverage of the 2006 Senate race, in which its news pages seemed to be on a mission to defeat George Allen’s re-election bid (as did George Allen). The complaint that keeps getting voiced is that the Post harped too much on the “macaca” incident.

I’d just like to note that the Post’s bias that year went far beyond the macaca story. It also devoted space to coverage of the Jewish heritage of the senator’s mother, his late discovery of it, and his reaction to reporters’ questions about it. And it never reported on credible evidence that the Democratic candidate, Jim Webb, committed more than a dozen acts of plagiarism in one of his novels (while mentioning those novels to portray Webb as a literary intellectual). (For more on the plagiarism, see here and here.) After the election, NR editorialized that people should refer to the new, narrowly elected senator as Jim Webb (D., Washington Post).

Republicans worry that the Post is starting a crusade against McDonnell. They’ve got good reason to be concerned.


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