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Bureaucratic Cowardice


A memorial to a Chippewa County, Wisc., deputy sheriff who was killed in the line of duty will soon be altered so as to remove its religious message. Deputy Jason Zunker was hit by a car and killed in January 2008 while directing traffic at the scene of a truck fire. The memorial, installed outside the county courthouse last month, features a quote from Zunker himself and includes the following passage:

When I die, I know where I’m going. Don’t be sad, because the Bible says it’s greater than anyone can even imagine. . . You must ask Jesus into your heart. Believe he died for you and believe he rose again.

The Chippewa County Buildings and Grounds Committee voted unanimously on Tuesday that the memorial should be modified in such a way that the offending passage is removed. There was no lawsuit pending or even threatened, but one supposes such a suit would have been brought in due time. Still, it’s a shameful desecration of Deputy Zunker’s memory. Perhaps he had a vision of heaven as a place where such bureaucratic cowardice is unknown.

Jack Dunphy is an officer in the Los Angeles Police Department. “Jack Dunphy” is the author’s nom de cyber. The opinions expressed are his own and almost certainly do not reflect those of the LAPD management.