Van Jones at Yale

by Jonathan H. Adler

Given that everyone’s so interested in Van Jones political views these days — and now that we’ve learned from the Virginia gubernatorial race that one’s student activites are fair game — I’m waiting for someone to dig up Van Jones activism as a student at Yale Law School (class of 1993). I was an undergrad at the time, and knew Jones a little bit. As I recall, he helped lead a boycott of a local pizza parlor and gave a colorful interview in 1990 or 1991 with the Yale Free Press detailing the somewhat-revolutionary political views he held at the time. (He and I once joked we’d see each other after the revolution, and at least one of us would be behind bars.) While I don’t believe one’s student activities should be disqualifying — I would hope we’ve all done or said our share of silly things as students — it still might be of interest.

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