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Re: National Affairs


Thanks very much, Kathryn and Pete. As you note, today marks the launch of National Affairs, a new quarterly journal of essays on the range of domestic policy issues, which aims to help us all think a little more clearly about the complicated problems our country faces.

On our website, you’ll find the contents of our first issue (some free for all, some available to subscribers — and I hope you will subscribe). You will find some writers you no-doubt know and admire (like frequent NRO contributors James Capretta and Charles Murray, or Michael Barone, and Leon Kass) and some you really ought to get to know (like Brad Wilcox, Troy Senik, Luigi Zingales, and more).

You’ll also find some web-only content, like our daily round-up of interesting or quirky academic studies, compiled by Kevin Lewis. And you will find, for the first time online, the complete archives of the journal that was our predecessor and in many respects our model: The Public Interest.

My brief editor’s note in the first issue offers a sense of what the new magazine is about, and what we hope to do — you can read that here.

An important part of our purpose is to get the gears of the idea factory moving again — a purpose that many around here have long been committed to, and been contributing to. We hope our modest efforts on that front, added to those of many others, might make a difference in these times of challenge. 


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