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John Negroponte also Endorses Yale Censorship


As the former Deputy Secretary of State, Ambassador Negroponte’s contribution to the debate is extremely troubling and his logic rather strained. 

What Negroponte misses is that the violence surrounding the Danish cartoons was anything but spontaneous (see here and here), that many Danish Muslims came out in support of the free speech which Negroponte now seeks to sacrifice, and that the idea that censorship is okay so long as people can look up censored material elsewhere is ridiculous, as it simply defers a stand onto others, a position of intellectual cowardice.

Nor is using the New York Times or the Washington Post as a yard stick wise. For what it’s worth, Ambassador Negroponte, Middle East Quarterly, which I edited at the time, republished many of the cartoons. We have a significant readership in Iran, Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey. I’m still here.


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