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Still More Re: Seeing Off a Daughter


From a reader:

My son goes to Univ of New Hampshire and, much to her chagrin, my wife (and my neighbor’s wife as well) discovered that boys usually don’t call home for a month or so after leaving and don’t like to be called either.  I tried to explain to my wife that most boys are just like that.  The girls, I hear, are entirely different, so your wife will not have to endure that.

There may be something to this. Within hours of reaching the campus, my daughter had Skyped her mother twice, once tilting her computer this way and that to show her mother her dorm room, and then, to my astonishment, called me, asking for directions to the mail room (she’s attending my alma mater). By contrast, my friend Andy tells me that, after seeing his son off to college, he and his wife had to wait a week before receiving an unsolicited telephone call. “He was in the laundry room. He wanted to know what all the buttons on the washing machine were for.”


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