‘I whupped Gary Bauer’s a--.’

by Steven F. Hayward

So last week at the “death of conservatism” panel at AEI, Sam Tanenhaus closed by recommending that the conservative movement cease to think of itself as a movement. Turns out there is one right-leaning Republican who apparently agrees with Tanenhaus: George W. Bush! See Byron York’s column in today’s Washington Examiner, where Byron dilates the revelations of Matt Latimer’s forthcoming book, Speechless.

As Byron recounts Latimer’s tale, when reviewing a speech draft for an appearance at CPAC, Bush demanded that all references to the conservative “movement” be stricken because, among other reasons, “I whupped Gary Bauer’s a– in 2000. . . .  There is no movement.” Now I know Bauer is diminutive in stature, but who’s the little man here?

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