‘I whupped Gary Bauer’s a–.’

by Steven F. Hayward

So last week at the “death of conservatism” panel at AEI, Sam Tanenhaus closed by recommending that the conservative movement cease to think of itself as a movement. Turns out there is one right-leaning Republican who apparently agrees with Tanenhaus: George W. Bush! See Byron York’s column in today’s Washington Examiner, where Byron dilates the revelations of Matt Latimer’s forthcoming book, Speechless.

As Byron recounts Latimer’s tale, when reviewing a speech draft for an appearance at CPAC, Bush demanded that all references to the conservative “movement” be stricken because, among other reasons, “I whupped Gary Bauer’s a– in 2000. . . .  There is no movement.” Now I know Bauer is diminutive in stature, but who’s the little man here?