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Vets launch effort to urge Obama to Give Generals in Afghanistan What They Need


“More troops will not guarantee success in Afghanistan, but a failure to send them is a guarantee of failure.” –Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Joe Lieberman

This simple premise underlies the reason for significantly increasing troop levels in Afghanistan, and finally resourcing our counterinsurgency fight there. If we don’t, we will fail.  But if we do, we can still win. The fight has been long and difficult; however, as we saw in Iraq, with the right leadership, strategy, and resources, even a “lost” war can be reversed.

This morning, my group—Vets for Freedom—launched an online petition calling on President Obama to listen to his commanders on the ground—namely General Stanley McChrystal—and provide them with the requisite troops to succeed. Our 112,000 members—most of which are OIF/OEF vets—believe we owe it to the warriors on the ground to give them everything they need to win.

In the next few weeks, the President will make his decision on troop levels. His choice will be to either resource the fight and commit to the war, thereby angering his liberal base; or to maintain the status quo, and doom the mission in Afghanistan to a “just try not to lose” approach. The later is unacceptable, and this petition is an effort to show President Obama that there is support—across America and in the military—for committing to victory in Afghanistan.

The Petition can be read HERE.  Please take 15 seconds to sign it, and then pass it along to your friends, family, and colleagues.


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