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My Irving Kristol Memory


My Irving Kristol story is, it seems, very much like many others’.  

I had just left the Justice Department and was working at a small think tank, where one of my tasks was to edit a law journal. We were thinking of changing the traditional format so that it approached something more like The Public Interest (ah, the arrogance of relative youth!), so I talked with one of the people who worked there, and he suggested I also talk with Mr. Kristol. I called him and the next thing I knew he had invited me out to lunch.

It was of course a very kind thing to do for someone he had never met working at a publication he had never heard of. And it was a delightful lunch, where he generously shared all kinds of wise advice and interesting insights. I’ll never forget it.

And, as I say, he did this kind of thing all the time.


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