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The MA GOP Strikes Back?


The Massachusetts Republican party is seeking an injunction from the courts to stop the appointment of Paul Kirk to the Kennedy seat of the U.S. Senate. They’re focusing on that lingering question: What’s the “emergency” that Governor Patrick is alleging exists? Without the declaration of an “emergency,” this law would not take effect for 90 days.

According to the RedMassGroup website, the GOP will get their hearing at 8 a.m. tomorrow — before Kirk is sworn in. According to two GOP attorneys I’ve spoken with who are very familiar with the issues in this suit, getting a hearing before a senator is sworn in is key.  Once he becomes Senator Kirk, I’m told, it will be much harder to get the courts to act.

It’s highly unlikely that the Massachusetts judiciary — one of the most openly partisan and ideological in the nation — will rain on the Democrats’ parade. But the fight goes on . . .


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