Re: Seven Things to Note on Iran

by Clifford D. May

I quite agree with Peter Brookes’s points on Iran, not least his final point:

It’s high-time the Obama administration do something concrete about it beyond pinning their hopes on upcoming talks, which will likely result in no changes to the Iranian nuclear program.

What can and should be done? There is legislation in the House and Senate that has strong bipartisan support; it would impose “crippling sanctions” on the Islamist regime. Pass those bills. Impose those sanctions. At the very least, it sends the message that the Obama administration is serious when it says it would be “intolerable” to permit the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, a regime that for 30 years has preached and promised “Death to America!” while also expressing genocidal intent toward Israel.

If those sanctions have an impact, great. If not, at least we’ll all know for sure that there is no peaceful, diplomatic solution to this crisis.

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