Cheering the Olympic Loss

by Michael Potemra

Rachel Maddow tonight played a video of a bunch of right-wingers bursting into cheers when it was announced that Chicago had lost its Olympic bid. She said the video would be an albatross for conservatives. I disagree with her analysis on this. I think the typical American already assumes that noisy-partisan type people on both sides are creepy and impolitic, and won’t hold this rude outburst against the GOP. Anybody who is outraged that a bunch of conservative political activists cheer a short-term, entirely symbolic loss for America, just because the conservatives see it as an embarrassment for Obama, is almost certainly voting for the liberals already. Anybody who’s middle-of-the-road, or uncommitted, just assumes (correctly) that left-wing activists are just as bad.

NB. I leave to others the argument that Chicago is lucky to have lost the Olympics, because I simply don’t know the economics of it.

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