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Lamar Smith: Special Prosecutor Should Investigate ACORN


Rep. Lamar Smith (R., Tex.) is calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate ACORN. “There are obvious conflicts of interest in the Department of Justice doing any type of investigation itself,” Smith tells NRO. “Just look at all the ties President Obama has to ACORN, starting off with how he trained ACORN members, served on boards and foundations that gave to ACORN, and paid $830,000 to an ACORN subsidiary during his presidential campaign to get out the vote.”

“Then we have a letter from the Obama campaign’s attorney telling the Department of Justice to ignore Republican assertions that there has been voter-registration fraud by ACORN representatives,” says Smith. “All of these ties, together, raise clear questions about a conflict of interest and further show how necessary it is for the administration to avoid impropriety.”

“Considering how the Department of Justice has already been politicized — just look at how it dropped the cases against its political allies in the New Black Panther Party — there’s no question that the public deserves a special counselor, subject to public scrutiny,” Smith says.

Smith says that his idea is gaining support in the House, and that his letter to Holder is a “necessary step in finding out how federal money is spent and if crimes may have been committed.” A special prosecutor, he says, “would have subpoena power, the ability to interview witnesses, and independence.”

In the meantime, Smith says the ACORN board “ought to resign immediately,” adding that ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis is “the epitome of self-denial.” President Obama has “had very little to say,” says Smith. “Clearly, he’d like to forget it. There should not be any hesitation in getting to the bottom of this kind of impropriety.”


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