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Norway Exposes Peter Galbraith Scandal


I’ve posted often on The Corner about corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan, most recently about an oil scandal involving alleged kickbacks from the Norwegian oil company DNO to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s oil minister. My postings — while linked to British press — are, in their origins, based on some Norwegian investigative reporting and releases which resulted from Norway’s equivalent of FOIA requests.

Now, it appears that Peter Galbraith, partisan pundit and long an advocate for Kurdish independence and a frequent witness in Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on Iraq, had a serious conflict of interest as he stood to gain millions of dollars from Kurdish independence.

Here is the Google translation of the Norwegian press. More here.

And, a very good summary from Reidar Visser’s blog (replete with a photo of Galbraith running away from journalists).

My understanding from the journalist who has been pursuing this story is that there is more to come.


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