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More on Peter Galbraith Kurdish-Oil Scandal


More is coming out regarding Democratic activist Peter Galbraith’s multimillion dollar conflict-of-interest in his Iraq advocacy. Galbraith was a useful gadfly in Bush-bashing, and so prominent Democrats gave him a platform, even as evidence mounted that he stood to profit enormously. 

He was evidently the source of the story that George W. Bush didn’t know the difference between Sunnis and Shi’ites. Regardless of what one thinks of President Bush’s intellect, this was simply Galbraith dispensing with honesty for book-selling headlines.

Galbraith’s efforts to keep Congress ill-informed are reminiscent of the tail end of Carter aide Gary Sick’s “October Surprise” incident. After getting fired in the opening weeks of the Reagan administration, Sick peddled his tale to Congress — often changing his story to keep the conspiracy alive — never mentioning that he had struck a six-figure deal for movie rights for his juicy conspiracy. In the end, Congress found no merit to Sick’s accusations. It says a lot that more than a decade later, Senator Biden was so determined to score political points on Iraq, he never bothered to fact check Mr. Galbraith’s repeated (and lucrative) testimony.


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