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Hang On in There


While I have no real hope that Czech President Klaus can hold off signing the EU’s new constitution Lisbon Treaty, the irritation he has caused the Brussels gang has produced some revealing responses, including (via the Daily Telegraph) this one:

Boyko Borisov, the Bulgarian prime minister, emerged after talks in Paris with President Nicolas Sarkozy to warn that further Czech resistance would not be tolerated.”It must not be allowed, it must not be tolerated. President Sarkozy is of the same opinion,” he said.

The threatening undertone to Borisov’s comment is telling — and it may spark an uncomfortable memory or two amongst those Czechs old enough to remember that Bulgarian troops marched into Czechoslovakia alongside the Soviets in August 1968.

The introduction of the Lisbon Treaty is, of course, far from being a rerun of that shameful episode, but to listen to the language of some who support it is to wonder where exactly they would draw the line in ramming this treaty through. 


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