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Mayor Bloomberg -- Pedestrian


While I hope that Nurse Bloomberg is re-elected (he’s better than his opponent, and that’s enough), the mess he has made by pedestrianizing (if that’s the word) a section of the Times Square area is yet another example both of the mayor’s high-handedness and his absence of any real understanding of what makes the city tick.   There’s a terrific editorial on this topic in the latest Commentary. It’s behind the pay wall, but this New York Post piece by Steve Cuozzo is also very much on the point:

But the gravest damage will be economic. It already has started, according to executives of two Times Square restaurants who told me on a not-for-attribution basis that business has been down since the plazas were set up after Memorial Day — a fact that’s counterintuitive until you realize that a horde of milling, idling tourists can chase away purposeful strollers looking for a place to eat. In fact, leading businesspeople are alarmed over the damage the scheme threatens to do to Times Square’s office buildings, stores, hotels, restaurants and theaters — all industries reeling from the recession. Bloomberg never got over Albany’s nixing of his congestion-pricing scheme. He’s used Sadik-Khan — a bicycles-uber-alles ideologue — to thin traffic by other means and without a whiff of oversight. 


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