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Ex-Governor Gantry Speaks!


Eliot Spitzer has a thuggish, nonsensical and characteristically nasty piece today in Slate attacking the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, basically for holding views with which he disagrees. No news there, I suppose, but he throws in this comment, which brightened my morning, and for that I thank the former governor:

If elected comptrollers and treasurers do take a stand against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, expect a hue and cry from the typical voices. They will complain that elected comptrollers and treasurers are injecting politics into corporate management. To which the answer should be: No, they are trying to take politics out of it! It is corporate leadership, though its support of the chamber, that has injected politics into the corporations that we own. We are reminding corporate leaders that they are our fiduciaries.
Uh, Eliot, I really would keep a long, long way from the word “fiduciary.”   H/T Reason’s Tim Cavanaugh who vents entertainingly (and profanely) here. His key (and dutifully Bowdlerized) point is this:
It’s unfortunate that [Spitzer] will be remembered only for committing a crime that in any normal society . . . would not be a crime at all. But by bringing up the economy and business regulation, Spitzer reminds us of a much more serious offense: his concerted efforts to make New York a more hostile place to do business. According to Forbes, the Empire State’s business climate moved steadily downward during Spitzer’s abrupt tenure. That has real effects on job creation and the well being of New York residents. Unlike his [well, you know] . . . Spitzer’s attack on business actually had some victims.


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