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Foreign Policy on Peter Galbraith Oil Scandal


Josh Rogin, the new columnist for Foreign’s “The Cable,” has written a pretty straightforward account of Peter Galbraith’s conflict of interest. He misses the beat on one important point, however, when he writes:

Many also see the revelations of Galbraith’s involvement in DNO, which were detailed in a harsh manner on the Norwegian Web site, as part of a retribution campaign following Galbraith’s public and scathing criticism of his former U.N. boss Kai Eide, the Norwegian diplomat who stands accused of helping to ignore massive election fraud in Afghanistan.

The suspicion Rogin reports is incorrect for a simple reason: The story has been percolating for far longer than the Galbraith-Eide angle, and was the result, in its early stages, of an investigation into DNO using the Norwegian equivalent of the Freedom of Information Act.


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