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Good editorial on Rush. I would make a couple of additional points. First, this is further evidence that the Left has long since abandoned any pretense at serious debate. That, as Rush has often said, is because they lose most serious debates, and therefore they resort to “the politics of personal destruction.” Destroy the messenger, and the message dies with him.

If we had serious libel laws, these attacks would be more difficult. It should be possible for a person to defend himself in court by proving that public attacks against him are false and damaging. As things stand, he has to show that his libeler deliberately and knowingly spread false and damaging stories.

Second, the attack on Rush is an attack on everyone, on all of us. Because it shows that the moment any of us becomes a forceful and credible voice for anything “they” don’t like, they will hunt us down. And yes, “they” come in different political colors, but at the moment “they” are massed on the left.

It’s a hell of an important fight.


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